If you plan to visit

As you travel down Cemetery Road, turn into the building complex located at 125 Cemetery Road named “Pond View Apartments.”

Free parking is available at the spots labeled “Office Parking Only” in front of the Pond View Apartments complex next to Old Plainfield Cemetery. You can park there thanks to the supportive leadership of Oak River Management which owns the building facility.

Please do not park at the rear of the building or anywhere else except for those designated spots. Do not park at the lower cemetery on the lower side which is privately owned by the Plainfield Cemetery Association. Old Plainfield Cemetery is the cemetery on the upper hill level.

After exiting from your vehicle, walk along the grassy path on Cemetery Road but do not enter the wooded area because it’s private property.

From there, you can safely and easily enter the cemetery through the opening in the stone wall on Cemetery Road. Walk around and experience this unique cultural icon, using the virtual map in this site’s EXPLORE section for grave marker information and locations.

At the end of your visit, return to the parking area along the same route.